10 Hot Wedding Catering Trends

For many couples planning their wedding menu the traditional chicken or beef options with a vegetarian option is just too dull. Here are 10 of the hottest catering trends that will inspire you to create a wedding feast that your guests will enjoy:

1.Break Out the Bubbly


Champagne is traditional at a wedding, but let your guests play bartender with a bubbly bar. Ask your caterer to assemble a display at cocktail hour with your drink of choice, the requisite glassware, spirits and any special mixers, fruit and garnishes.

2.Food stations

food station

Customised culinary kiosks are on trend for the cocktail hour and wedding reception. A chef who can plate your meal and suggest what to pair it with. These food stations allow for easy guest interaction and better flow throughout your party with guests eating, mingling or dancing all night.

3.Tasty and healthy

antipasto skewers

You want food that is full of flavor yet healthy. For the cocktail hour, think small: antipasto skewers with a grape tomato, ball of mozzarella and olive drizzled with fresh basil oil, or mini lettuce wraps with chicken in a savory Thai peanut sauce.

4.Eco-friendly menu planning

Ask your catering service to use organic and sustainable ingredients. Support local organic producers and try going season friendly, though this requires flexibility as no caterer will be able to guarantee the availability of all the ingredients for your wedding date.

5.Family-style serving

More couples are requesting that their reception meals be served family style to take the stuffiness out of a sit-down meal. Guests can interact casually as they pass around gorgeous dishes, which means more mingling and a better chance that everyone will have an unforgettable night.

6.Use global ingredients


Guests always remember the exceptional food at a wedding, even if they forget the flowers in your bouquet. Ask your catering service to add some global flavors, like tahini, to your menu for richer flavors in your food.

7.Tasting menus

Tasting menus are a foodie favorite and work at weddings if you do not mind spending most of the reception eating and less time dancing. You’ll be served anywhere from five to seven mini courses.

8.Surprise the kids

hot dog

Add something special to the kid’s menu. Kid’s will love trying something new and you can keep it healthy, knowing their kids are not getting hyperactive on hot-dogs and soda.

9.Late-Night Snacks


Catering does not end once you cut the cake. Couples are choosing to serve mid-party munchies with favorite comfort foods like burgers, pizzas, popcorn with toppings or an espresso bar. Place your late-night snack stand close to the dance floor for easy access: Dance, eat and repeat.

10.Creative Cakes

colorful cupcakes

While classic wedding cakes are delicious, you do not have to stick to tradition. Consider a colorful creation or having several mismatched, small-tiered cakes instead or opt for a more minimally designed cake or perhaps individual cookies, donuts, muffins or other favorite cake instead.